About Us

Laneway is more than a cafe. It is a philosophy. We don't want to be another small town cafe that is complacent with a market limited by choice.

Armidale deserves the excellence that competition in urban markets creates. We want to bring the best we can to you. The best food, the best culture, the best coffee. All without forgetting that our beautiful country town has something urban markets don't - community. Wherever possible we source locally to support our town and give our customers the best our region has to offer.

Locally sourced

We offer a fresh seasonal menu sourced locally wherever possible.

  • Our coffee and Bread is fresh daily from the Goldfish Bowl Cafe.
  • Our eggs and fresh produce are from Armidale Market Fresh
  • Our milk and dairy products are from Norco.

Made fresh everyday

Great eats, great drinks, made fresh for our great customers everyday.

  • Fresh daily hot and cold breakfast
  • Fresh daily hot and cold lunches
  • Fresh daily homemade treats
  • Fresh tea and coffee made with care and to order

Serving breakfast, lunch and delectable homemade treats to accompany our single origin coffee Monday to Friday.




Boutique, warm, cosy. Slip down the Armidale Mall Arcade to find our hidden Laneway gem. Sip a single origin espresso at the coffee bar or pickup and run. We offer just what you need, with that quintessential Laneway experience.


You can order online, phone in, or order in person for a delivery at a later time. We service the Armidale CBD area for free!

Why brave the cold when you don't have to? Pick you favourite food, pick your preferred time, checkout and wait for us to drop that sweet deliciousness right to you. It's that easy.



Instead of reading about our food, come and taste it! It is seriously good.

We rotate our menu daily so you have variety. Like our produce, we never want our menu to get stale. Fresh ingredients, made fresh, in new and exciting ways daily.

But don't worry, we are keeping tabs, if you love it then we will make it a staple or put it in high rotation. We say give the people what they want!